My name is Sarah Feldman! I would like a visual and vivid creative career to help slay dragons and maybe…on the side go into space and fight the evil empire. If not, I’ll just keep on working for myself. I make stuff, post stuff, market stuff, photograph stuff.

This page used to be something else…here is a 2011 CNN video about it:

By the way… I have a knack for getting in the news. Don’t ask how. Here I am in 2014 on the front cover of a local magazine for the Ridgewood Market!

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Here I am receiving a Proclamation from the NY State Government. I was also honored as the business person of the year in Ridgewood, Queens in June of 2015.


Oh yeah… I was on Love, Lust, or Run on TLC in 2015. The makeover was amazing and made the internet cry tears of joy! Season 2, Episode 2

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Here I am meeting the Mayor of New York City in 2016! I’m on the Community Board in my neighborhood & he knew who I was. :)


Again in 2017 :)


As Chair of the Library Committee for Community Board 5, I took part in the groundbreaking for the renovation of Glendale Library in Queens in 2017.


Also over 10 years ago… I made a cameo appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart…I’m at the end:

AND… a few years before that I won homecoming queen in 2005 at Lamar High School in Houston, Texas.


News articles about me:

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